Emblems & Music Associated with Clan Campbell


The boar's head, erased or torn from its shoulders, may be worn by Clansmen and Followers of MacCailein Mór within a buckled strap on which is displayed the Chief''s motto
"Ne Obliviscaris".

Buckled strap badge


Gaelic: Roid, roidegach or sometimes the Fir Club Moss


The Bog Myrtle


The Clan Campbell symbol is supposed to be the magpie possibly relating to the gyronny which in its original form was Argent and Sable - silver and black but are origins unknown.



Clan Music

Clan Music

There are number of ancient pipe tunes connected
with Clan Campbell.

The following examples of the
classical music of the Highland Bagpipe, commonly
described as "Piobaireachd",are the most recognised.

"The Campbells are Coming!"
In the Gaelic, it is known as "Baile Inneraora", or
"The Town of Inveraray"

"Failte Mharcuis Earragaidheal", or "The Marquis of Argyll's Salute"

"Bodaich nam Briogais", or "The Carles with the Breeks":- or " Lord Breadalbane's March"

"Cruinneachadh Sil Diarmid", or
"Clan Campbell's Gathering.