Badges and Arms

    In all clans the Chief by tradition and courtesy allows members of his clan to wear his crest as a cap badge or brooch, the crest generally being of silver and always set within a circular belt and buckle, the motto of the chief being inscribed upon the belt. Wearing the Chief's boar's head crest is, for Campbells, an expression of symbolic adherence to the Chief and, through him, to their clan.

There are NO "Clan Arms" or "Family Coats of Arms". The arms of the Chief, or of any individual, are their personal property and in Scots law may not be displayed except where indicating their presence or authority.

The various houses of the chiefly kin within the clan have their own arms and crests as shown on the following linked pages


Personal Arms of The Duke of Argyll


Personal Standard of The Duke of Argyll



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